Emerald (Panna)

General detail of emerald

Emerald gemstones were highly esteemed in antiquity and are still valued for their properties around the world. It's glorious green colour is due to the presence of chromium and vanadium and it is generally oiled to enhance its beauty and luster. They are mined from India, Zimbabwe and Australia. It is available in round, oval and square shapes.

How it works!

The deep green emerald reflects life's meaningfulness. For the mind and body, this stone offers many positive attributes. It detoxifies negativity and transforms it into positive energy. It also provides insight and speeds up the thought process. It creates opportunities for growth for the people involved with acting, editing, engineering, accounting, postal services, writing, and publishing.

When to wear Emerald ring

For maximum effect it should be worn on Last (small) Finger Right Hand between following time:

Wednesday: 6 am to 9 am.

Dharan Mantra - Om Bram Brim Broum Sah Budhay Namah

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