Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye

General detail of cat's eye

Cat's Eye exhibits a glittering beam from its center like that of cat's eye, hence its name. This gemstone is oval in shape and comes in many colours, ranging from yellowish green to black, smoky, honey colours and other shades. Cat's Eye stones are sources from India, Sri Lanka, China, and Burma. Additionally, a cat's eye can be worn by anyone for good health and solving skin problems regardless of your rashi.

How it works!

With light emitting from its center, the cat's eye guards the wearer from negative spirits, accidents, evils and mishaps. It enhances support, will power, wisdom, and stabilizes contradictory emotions. It also brings materialistic comforts in the form of immense wealth.

When to wear Cat's eye ring

For maximum effect, it should be worn on index finger or ring finger between following time:

Thursday: 6 am to 7:30 am

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