Garnet (gomed)


General detail of Garnet

One of the oldest gemstones in history, Garnet is considered a gift of eternal love. Garnets are found in a wide variety of colours including orange, green, red, brown, black and they are colourless as well. They have the special feature of changing their colour from day to night but these colour changing garnets are rare. Garnet gemstones are found in mines of India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Brazil. Garnet can be worn by anyone for removal of obstacles.

How it Works!

Garnet symbolizes race, peace and knowledge in life. It helps the wearer overcome their depression and includes self-confidence, optimism, energy and well power it invigorates the survival instincts in a crisis and helps overcome all hurdles in life. The garnet of iron ore, leather, cement, wine, foreign exchange, photography and lottery.

When to wear Garnet ring!

For maximum effect, it should be worn on index, middle or ring finger between following time:

Saturday: 7:30am to 9am

                1pm to 4.30pm

Finger name guide