Golden Topaz

Golden topaz

General detail of golden topaz

A Naturally occurring stone, golden Topaz has been admired for its clarity for long. Golden topaz is also known as imperial topaz and is also known as imperial topaz and is a stone of manifestation. It is believed to be sacred stone because of its divine properties. A lot of people also wear Golden topaz as a substitute for Yellow Sapphire as it is relatively inexpensive. Golden topaz is found in the mines of Brazil, Russia, USA, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka.

How it Works!

Golden topaz is a stone of abundance and helps in material gains and success in life. It instils faith, boosts energy and encourages action. It also helps in recognizing one’ down abilities and inner richness. It attracts friendly people to the wearer and maintains a positive attitude.

When to wear Golden Topaz ring!

For maximum effect, it should be worn on index finger or ring finger between following time:

Thursday: 6am to 7:30am

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