Opal (Dudhiya pathar)

General detail of opal

An opal is a non-crystalline gemstone and transparent to opaque. There are two types of opal gemstones: precious opal and common opal. Precious opals are iridescent while common ones are opaque and non-iridescent. The glittering of precious opal is due to its silica spheres which are found in a wide range of colours: yellow, white, black, Blue, pink, etc. White and green opals are common while red and black ones are rare. Found in oval and round shapes, opal are mined from Australia. Opal can be worn by anyone for Financial Success and to achieve Clarity of thoughts.

How it works!

An opal is a stone of inspiration and encourages imagination and creativity. It boosts self-worth, confidence and self-esteem and helps to realise full potential. It brings lightness and spontaneity and makes the wearer loyal and faithful. It is also good for beauty and financial prosperity.

When to wear Opal ring

For maximum effect, it should be worn on index or ring finger between following time:

Friday: 6 to 10:30 am

Dharan Mantra - Om Sah Somay Namah

Finger name guide