Pearl (Moti)

Pearl (Moti)

General details of pearl 

Pearl are formed in shellfish, especially in oysters and mussels. What makes a pearl precious is its iridescent luster called 'Orient of the pearl'. Pearls are found in round and ball shapes in many colours and sizes. The quality of a pearl is judged by its luster, reflectivity, and shine of the surface. A pure pearl is absolutely flawless and spotless. Pearl is widely worn to attain peace of Mind.

How it works!

Atharva Veda says, 'A pearl has all the divine power to remove any kind of hurdles out of life.' with its watery and lunar element and provides mental peace. It Iends wisdom, sincerity, loyalty, and faith to the wearer provides contentment in old age and moderate mood swings. It brings good luck and enhances the opportunity of growth in the business of liquid like milk, ghee, butter and serials, as well in the field of export-import, serial productions, salt, agriculture, medicines and travelling.

When to wear Pearl ring

For maximum effect, it should be worn on Last(Small) Finger between following times

Monday: 6 am to 7:30 am,

              9 am to 10:30 am.

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